Portuguese Investments LLC major share holders Eduarda and Eduardo Veiga, come from a very traditional entrepreneurial family in Portugal. With strong roots in the North of Portugal, taking advantage of the natural resources thereof, the family business started in the early 1960s by the hand of their father, Hildebrando Veiga. In 1970, the family started a very fruitful company, Cerâmica Sotelha, S.A., specialized in ceramics, tile and brick related materials, now fully established as one of the Portuguese leading companies in the sector. By 1977, the family business had already expanded to porcelain, flooring and other construction materials, taking part as founding partners of a well renowned company, Revigrés – Indústria de Revestimentos de Grés, Lda..

Thirteen years later, the family investments turned to another complementary area, that of bathroom and kitchen accessories, once again as founding partners of a leading company in Portugal: Sanindusa – Indústria de Sanitários, S.A..

On the same year, a family company on the field of construction works and real estate contracting was created: H. Veiga Construções, Lda.. By 1990, the family had also invested in different areas, namely that of mineral water, by holding significant share capital of Empresa Central Serrana de Águas, S.A..

Portuguese Investments LLC is, therefore, a new milestone in this family continuum. It aims to maintain the long tradition of thoughtful investment, now together with the knowledge and experience of local partners. By using quality Portuguese products only, the company balances the experience and know-how of over 50 years with the pursuance of internationalization and diversification, covering a wide range of complementary products, making the most of the synergies available.

At Portuguese Investments LLC, we treasure our legacy by making it solid ground for new ventures.

At Portuguese Investments, we channel our efforts into three specific areas:


We supply Portuguese materials to clients who look for excellence in quality and service. We are present in luxury developments, hotels, condos and hospitals.

Food sector

We import products from the best brands in Portugal.

At Lusitânia, located in Jumeirah Beach Road, a place overlooking the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa, you will find our prime showcase of Portuguese pastry. We provide for a great variety of Portuguese delicatessen such as bread, coffee, olive oil, preserves, jams and cheese and, of course, the delicious “pastel de nata” and “pão-de-ló”.

Also, Lusitânia has just recently launched its own brand of Portuguese mineral water drawn from the natural reserve of Serra do Caramulo.

Find more about this product here.

At Lusitânia you will find the flavour of Portugal.


We also provide advice to foreign companies aiming to invest in the Middle East and North Africa, enabling for the partnerships necessary to a fruitful outcome, along with the coaching of its professionals.

Mineral water Lusitania

Water is the source of life.

Our Natural Mineral Water is characterized by its constant chemical composition.

It is a water that contains several added values, such as the reduced sodium content which makes it ideal for people with hypertension problems, the low mineralization which makes it suitable for use in food for babies, and also the high silica content which improves the beauty of the skin. Apart from the quality of the water itself, it is captured in an unique place full of history with a surrounding area classified as “protected”.

The current lifestyles lead to the existence of relevant functional imbalances, creating the need for introducing healthy habits in our daily routines, to compensate for such wear.

Hydration is one of the factors of balance in our body, and therefore it is absolutely essential to have pure and high quality water.

Drink water… drink life, drink Lusitânia.

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